We are a family owned, artisan candle company located on the Main Line in Southeastern, Pennsylvania. We craft all natural, scented soy candles with crackling wooden wicks. All of our candles are hand poured, made of 100% soy wax, and completely dye and phthalate free. 

Last Longer
Candles made from soy wax last at least 30%-50% longer than traditional paraffin candles.
Unlike other candles, such as the common paraffin ones that are found in most stores and online, soy wax is toxin-free. Burning soy wax is clean, without emitting carcinogens or pollutants.  This results in a healthier burn for you, your family and your guests
American Made
Our pure soy wax is produced by American farmers on American farms, so when you purchase our candles, you know the ingredients are of the highest quality.  You are also supporting American farmers rather than oversees companies who produce petroleum, which is then made into paraffin wax. Soy wax is a sustainable and renewable resource unlike petrolium.
Easy Clean Up
Soy wax is biodegradable, so it cleans up easily with soap and water, and our candle containers are reusable.

Wood wicks produce a gently crackling noise while they burn, which is reminiscent of a fire burning.
Cleaner Burn
Wood wicks mean less soot and less smoke when you blow them out. When relighting your candle, however, we do HIGHLY recommend trimming the wick to a 1/8 of an inch each time to produce the cleanest burn and loveliest flame.

No Phthalates
Phthalates are chemicals that are often used in fragrance oils and beauty products. They have been in the news lately because some phthalates have had been shown to have a negative impact on health. We ensure that all of the fragrance oils we use in our candles are completely phthalate free, so you don’t have to even think twice about it.
They smell great
We offer at least twelve standard scents to choose from at any given time, as well as special limited edition holiday and seasonal picks throughout the year.  Our scents include some of the traditional candle scents you may expect, along with many unique blends you won’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

Trimming the wick is key
As with any candle, it’s important to trim your wick when re-lighting your candle. Gently snap off the ash along the top edge of the wick. Removing as much of the burnt wood as possible achieves the best flame. You can use a wick trimmer or nail clippers, but you don’t need a special tool because your fingers can snap off the char just as well.

Just contact us!
We can make more of any of candles on our website. If we don’t have it in stock, it may take an extra few days to process your order, but we will be glad to make anything you need. You can contact us at anne@mainlinecandle.com. You can reach out to us for custom orders as well.

Feel free to contact us at anne@mainlinecandle.com to schedule a meet up, so you can smell our scents. You can also find us in a variety of local stores.

If you are unhappy with your order, we will make it right! If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact us within 60 days, and we will make it right by either refunding your money when you return the product or exchanging your product for another one. All of our wood wicks are covered by the manufacturer’s patent: Pat. www.lumetique.com/patents